A Proud History

Belvedere Preparatory School was originally founded in 1880 as the Junior Department of The Belvedere School, Liverpool. It is widely recognised as one of the best independent schools in Liverpool. Originally housed at 17 Belvidere Road, we moved to our current premises at 23 Belvidere Road in 1939.

In recent years, many of our girls have successfully transferred to The Belvedere Academy, and others have gained places at Birkenhead High School, the Blue Coat School and at other independent and state schools. Wherever they go, they are ready for the next step in their education. 

From September 2010 Belvedere Preparatory School will be accepting both boys and girls.

Our highly experienced staff prepare pupils for various entrance examinations, as required. Pupils are taught both verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills from the age of seven. While our dedicated staff offer a wealth of experience in meeting pupils learning, pastoral and development needs.

Belvedere school